Project Description

Risk Management considerations are intrinsically woven into every process that we set about to improve.

One of the greatest advantages you get by on-boarding SARCO is that you get a 360° coverage – our Systems teams ensure mistake proofing and other Risk related aspects, and our Finance teams ensure all is well at the Transactional level.

An Electronics distribution major approached us with problems relating to Cash Collections and handling of Incentives (especially during festivals etc) with reference to their Retail Network. After our study, we devised a simple yet foolproof system to effectively handle both these aspects – even after considering that most of these users are in-adept at operating computers. This has lead to better handling of Cash as well as significant savings on account of better Incentives Management.

This has to lead to 2 employees being totally freed of their previously cumbersome and stressful activity of tallying the Incentives figures. The icing on the cake was that the client was successful in a claim upon their Principals to recover approximately Rs 14 Lakhs; which was the amount that had “slipped under the radar”, being incentives due to them, but which they had not claimed!