SENSES – Vendor Management that you deserve


In a dynamic marketplace, businesses are expected to change faster and often these innovations come from suppliers. But few have mastered the art of developing suppliers to drive forward business competitiveness.

If your company manufactures a product and has a supply base, then implementing a supplier development program will set your company up for long-term success. Not only will implementation of SARCO’s CEP program at the supplier’s end produce better overall costs, but it’ll also give you a trusted business partner.

Yes, SARCO’s Excellence in Nourishing, Systemizing and Engaging your Suppliers (SENSES) is all about generating a new capability or competency in suppliers, lowering inventory carrying cost and stratifying your vendor base and identifying qualified vendors.


SENSES allows you to get your supplier’s systems and operations in congruence with your own and also get reports and reviews at predetermined intervals to monitor progress.



  • Reduction in your product price, leading to increased sales
  • Increase in Vendor Loyalty
  • Improvements in all  QCD parameters
  • Improvements in collaborative working
  • Get vendors to participate in VRM program

change in mindset CHANGE IN MINDSET

This can be achieved by replacing your team’s “supplier” mind set with a “supply partner” mentality, emphasizing the importance of total cost of ownership, supplier performance, and growing and nurturing supplier relationships.


SARCO understands that each organization is different and Supplier Development methods must be tailored accordingly.

A SENSES supply partner, will understand every facet of your business – from pricing and commercial and quality requirements to shipping requirements, etc., and result in Improved quality, manufacturability and reliability; thereby vastly increasing customer satisfaction.

SENSES allows a win-win opportunity for both corporates and vendors by working in harmony for the mutual benefit of improving the bottom line of both organizations.