Because 94% of problems in business are Systems driven!

Business Systems are critical in today’s milieu not just for growth, but also for survival! Entrepreneurs who consider Systems investments as part of their Infrastructure investments are the ones who stand a much better chance of succeeding.

If one is to study history and look at the reasons for Companies that have been profitable, and suddenly collapsing in a matter of a few years – one common aspect will be is that their Systems have not kept pace with their growth. Gone are the days when simple manual systems were adequate – with complexities increasing manifold in all areas – demography, regulations, competition, workforce management and so many other areas – Companies not deploying robust, scalable and effective systems are the ones who flounder. It therefore makes sound business sense to invest in systems that work for YOU!

SARCO is ideally placed to partner you through the process of studying, designing, developing and implementing systems that will aid you in your quest for growth and genuine Corporate Excellence!

startups FOR START-UPS

Start-ups are ideal for us to introduce Systems. They have a clean slate, and therefore, we partner with them to fill the slate only with those inputs that are likely to contribute to their success and of course, EXCELLENCE!

With SARCO, you have a partner who will guide and handhold you through the entire process of Business Strategic Planning, Planning, Designing, Developing and Implementing Systems, Setting up appropriate People and Process Infrastructure, Setting up of adequate Controls and Review Mechanisms and many more services…A genuine one-stop solution for all your needs!

system assessments SYSTEMS ASSESSMENTS

This offering is for existing Companies – regardless of size and industry! Our Founding Partner has a very relevant question to these entrepreneurs. He asks, “ If you invest in a new facility – say a new branch or factory – how often do you review the progress? (Obviously such investments attract very close reviews – daily, weekly, monthly etc).

Now, you have invested a significant amount in your systems – how often do you review the status of this investment? (The answer is invariably a puzzled silence!) The colour of money is the same – so does it not warrant that your Systems spends are also reviewed professionally to ensure that your stated goals are being met?

SARCO is an ideal partner for you in this regards. We not only point out where you are doing well, but also the points for improvements, along with our recommendations. Not just that…we ensure that appropriate corrective actions have in fact been taken by performing follow up audits! The outcome of this study? A study that actually works for you and facilitates your journey towards EXCELLENCE!

software selection SOFTWARE SELECTION

Our vast experience indicates that a majority of failed systems implementations are on account of inadequate attention being paid at the very beginning – why do we need systems? What are the features that we want in the systems we employ – for now as well as for the foreseeable future?

The base document for this is the RFQ (Request for Quote) document. This is a highly technical document and we at SARCO are ideally placed to generate this document for you! Not just that, we are also ideally placed to assess the response of Software Vendor – whether or not he is actually qualified to deliver you his commitments, without compromising on Quality, Cost and Delivery considerations.

So, start your journey towards being a Systems driven company aiming at genuine EXCELLENCE with SARCO!