When manuals are in place, the Business runs automatically


Operations in this context includes ALL Departmental functions; and is therefore not restricted to just Manufacturing Operations.

The efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation can be gauged by the extent to which procedures and instructions are communicated to, and understood and implemented across all levels of the organisation. Manuals are the most effective means of achieving this objective.

Manuals are therefore authoritative compilations of the methods and procedures, timing, authority structures and stated objectives for each critical (at least) activity and process employed in the organisation. It is therefore a very good tool to link Organisational Goals and Objectives with the Departments.


Another significant benefit of having formal and comprehensive manuals is that it reduces the Organisational risk of over dependence upon any individual. While every Organisation has, and will continue to have, key employees, Manuals ensure that there is no significant disruption should the key employee leave for any reason. This in itself is a compelling reason for every Organisation to opt for formal Manuals!