Experience CEP – The power of all round Corporate Excellence

A multitude of often conflicting dynamics makes for choppy and turbulent business waters. In such an environment, your ship needs a hull comprised of sound and tactical strategic plans, your captain equipped with the best decision making facilities, your rudder running on sound business practices and your radar glued on to your business goals. If you are in business, and if you are looking for sustainable growth and profits, then SARCO’s suite of Enterprise Solutions is indispensable for you!


strategic planning STRATEGIC PLANNING

They say, failing to plan is planning to fail. Yes, one of the key challenges facing organizations today is to create business strategies that meet and exceed the emerging requirements within the market. It means re-inventing business processes to increase revenues and control costs with an eye on future trends and pitfalls. SARCO’s competitive market trend analysis and solutions ensure that your organization is future-ready.


They say, if an organization’s systems are in place, it runs itself. We are one of the few consulting firms that provide an in-depth systems study that involves mapping your system against existing requirements, anticipated requirements and best practices with gap analysis, scalability roadmap & make/buy recommendations.

operations framework OPERATIONS FRAMEWORK

Our Operations Framework arms you with detailed organizational charts, RRQ matrix, policy guidelines, SOPs, identify and create training calendar, rewards management, employee engagement and operational audits so that the path to your goals are clear.

tax advisories TAX ADVISORIES

The tax regulations in India are fast evolving. Introduction of GST has created more paperwork but also opportunities for tax saving. SARCO’s biggest strength is that all three of our principal partners are certified CAs with a combined experience of over 60 years.


SARCO’s Audit Methodology is aligned to bring out transactional flaws on an ongoing basis. Coupled with our Systems Audit undertaken as part of the Systems Frameworks deliverables, you have an unmatched combination wherein your business gets reviewed simultaneously from the Systems Process angle as well as from the Transactions angle. Risk Assessment also goes hand in hand with internal audit and we cover SOX and IFCR reviews where required.

compliances COMPLIANCES

Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs require organizations to furnish statements to ensure compliance of all applicable laws to the company. As a result, organizations have to replace informal compliance frameworks with well structured, documented compliance structures. SARCO encourages you to do what you do best and let us handle the paper work.

software development SOFTWARE & APP DEVELOPMENT

SARCO believes in a digital future. Apart from full Systems Assessment, System Audits and troubleshooting, we also have the expert capability of designing and implementing a customized software and mobile app development for your organization. We thus connect your operations with your smartphones and give you the convenience of having control at your fingertips.

change management CHANGE MANAGEMENT

The business environment in India is on a transitory phase. Effective change management achieves greater benefits, reduces resistence to adoption and mitigates risks. SARCO’s change management services can help you profit from the evolution.

process management PROCESS STREAMLINING

Research has shown that streamlining of business processes and vendor management means controlling the Cost of Poor Quality, as well as effective Inventory Management, which can cost as high as 40% of Gross Revenues! We can help you leverage process control and bring operations closer for employees, vendors & customers.