Authenticity, timeliness of delivery of data and conversion of such data into meaningful information through competent analysis is often the bane of enterprises. Throw in uncontrolled and unidentified risks, poor controls and myriad compliances – both external in the form of government laws and internal in the form of company policies and procedures – into the equation, and you have a daunting canvas.

SARCO is your best partner to mitigate these worries!

Risk Advisory / IFC & JOX
Our process-based Internal Auditing ensures mitigation of undue risks, elimination of process lapses, more efficient and effective procedures and accurate capture of relevant data. We ensure conformance to Standards such as Internal Financial Control (IFC) or Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Standards
Statutory Audit
Our Statutory Audit services provide you the best strategies leading to independent Financial Statements that are essential to Management Decision Making. The bedrock of our strategies is the meticulous study we conduct in order to gain a comprehensive understanding, enabling relevant and effective solutions for your business
Taxation Services
Our Tax Advisory ensures that your Tax – both direct and Indirect (GST) – compliances along with outflow is optimal. We also assist multiple clients in departmental representations
Our Management Information Services (MIS) ensures that you get professionally analysed information and Strategic Planning initiatives. Our Compliance Advisory ensures compliance to both statutory as well as Internal Compliances requirements.